Strategic Planning

Large-scale projects or programmes offer the possibility of major improvements to facilities or infrastructure but Clients and Stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of project delivery risks and rightly demand a clear understanding of development phasing, sustainability, finance, procurement, programme and logistics before allowing a project to proceed. Leading Edge’s strategic planning service is used to determine the best way to deliver a project by identifying core objectives and constraints, challenging design concepts and providing innovative procurement and delivery solutions.

The strength of our strategic planning lies in our broad experience and industry knowledge, which we apply to add maximum value to our Clients’ projects. We provide technical insight, practical advice and clear communication, bringing credibility to a range of project types from major Education projects to Healthcare infrastructure. Strategic planning also plays a vital role in the analysis of distressed projects. On projects that have suffered delays or cost overruns, we can offer strategic advice to investigate the root cause and provide solutions to get the work back on track.

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